Moutaineering in  Bolivia with Terra-Andina
Sorata Region
  - Trek Laguna Glaciar 5-6 days
- Trek Ancohuma 6 days
- Illampu tour 7 days
Between Condoriri and Huayna Potosi
  - Trek Maria Lloco 3 days
- Trek Maria Lloco 4 days
- Laguna tour 4 days
Cordillera Apolobamba
  - Exploring Healing Traditions 6 days
Other treks and Mountaineering
  - Long treks / Mountaineering
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- Cordillera Real, between heaven and earth


- Cordillera Real, technical information


Trek with Terra Andina, Trekking Agency in Bolivia

The Royal Cordillera (Cordillera Real).

The indigenous people of the Altiplano have never really been attracted by the heights of the Cordillera of the Andes. Andean mythology, passed down from generation to generation, and ever present in popular beliefs, has turned the mountains of the Cordillera into sacred beings that must be respected; neighbors worthy of offerings. While one divinity builds, another destroys with the same force. "Wira" chooses the stones to build the mountains and "Kjuno" creates the avalanches and glaciers that destroy them.
At the end of these great wars, the Gods will realize the beauty of the Andes, and will transform them into fantastic rocky peaks. From the tops of these peaks they will dominate the world of men.

Why do crazy "gringos" insist on venturing into these mountains, and sometimes even climb to their summits? They must be going in search of gold, but they never breathe a word of it to anyone. How many men and women dream of wandering among glaciers or of climbing 6000-meter peaks? Here, usually inaccessible summits are possible, as the mountains are only a few hours drive away from the capital. This is what makes La Paz the idea base camp for high-altitude trekking and legendary ascents!

Carte des yungas

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