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Immersion in an Aymara village

Immersion in an Aymara village

Tuni is a small Aymara village of the Cordillera Real at about 4300 m. altitude. 3 hour journey from La Paz, this village is located between Lake Titicaca and one of the most imposing mountains of the Cordillera: the Condoriri. It's not only to seasoned trekkers but also to a wider audience, even family.
The residents of this small community (50 people), invite us to discover their daily lives in the heart of the Cordillera, punctuated by the "pastoreo" of llamas, harvesting of medicinal plants, legends of all the surrounding peaks, traditional cooking, working in mines, etc.
Thanks to long years of friendship with members of the community (some of them are guides, mule drivers or cookers on our treks since the creation of the agency) this project aims to support Tuni community in the valuation of the traditional Andean culture, through the real practice of a responsible tourism.



  • Day 1: La Paz - Tuni
  • Day 2: Tuni
  • Day 3: Tuni - La Paz


Day 1: La Paz - Tuni

We will be welcomed at the aymara village of Tuni by the families of the community. Typical andean lunch. You will be proposed to participate cooking the dinner, learning the local methods of the village's women. The dinner is made from local products of the season (dried llama meat, sheep milk, quinoa, chuño, potatoes, local herbs...). You will be amazed of the originality of the andean gastronomy.
A local guide will accompany you in the afternoon to visit the village families and show you the weaving art. We can even try weaving ourselves with the advise of a woman from the village. Share the life of the locals.
Dinner with a traditional andean night. A music band from the village of Chuñawi nearby will join us for the night. It will be the opportunity to learn a few moves and to discuss around the fire.
Accomodation with a local host or at the Eco Lodge (depending of the number of people).
Meals included.

Included : room & breakfast, private transport, all inclusive, english speaking guide

Day 2: Tuni

After a traditional breakfast with buñelos (types of fritters) and api (tasty hot drinks made with purple corn), we will accompany the llamas and the alpagas to their pastures. We will then help to the traditional preparation of the huatia (stone ovens built under ground) to cook the lunch (depending of the number of people).
We will go for a few hours walk in the afternoon in the Condoriri range with the guide showing us the medicine plants used by the aymaras.
Option to visit a tin mine under exploitation, at more than 4500m of elevation (depending of the fitness conditions of the participants and the time available). We can admire the Condoririr, the mythical summit of the Cordillera Real with the shape of a condor with tucked wings.
Later in the afternoon we can join the village inhabitants to return the llamas and alpagas to the village for the night.
Traditional andean dinner and night at a local host's or at the Eco Lodge (depending of the number of people).

Included : room & breakfast, all inclusive, english speaking guide

Day 3: Tuni - La Paz

Several activities will be proposed in the morning, depending of your interest and of the season:
- trout fishing in the lakes at the base of the Condoriri with the local guide.
- making of the chuño, a dehydrated potatoe in the ancestral tradition, very appreciated by the Aymaras (june and july).
- small trek
We will return to the village for lunch and participate to the traditional preparation, and leave late in the afternoon to return to La Paz.
Transfer to the hotel.

Included : room & breakfast, private transport, all inclusive, english speaking guide

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