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Our travel agency Terra Andina Bolivia

Who we are ?

Terra Andina Bolivia is a local travel agency located in La Paz, Bolivia.
Is one of the agency of Terra Group, network of receptive travel agencies operating throughout all South America. Created 16 years ago by a few friends thirsty fo adventure, Terra Group counts today 16 agencies across the globe, all of them run by teams of partners.



Since I was a child, I am passionate by South America’s culture and mysteries. After studying Spanish language and pedagogical research, I have decided to travel to south of Spain to discover Andalusia. I had the opportunity to practice my Spanish and live my first cultural experience abroad. Then I decided to discover the land called the “Gran Chaco”. After numerous professional experiences abroad in Mexico and Colombia, I had a crush for Bolivia. After a brief stay in Paris, I settle down in La Paz and join the Terra Andina team. Since 4 years now, I keep discovering and enjoying the richness of this country and its culture. Feel free to contact me, I will be delighted to show you the multiple treasures of this wonderful and fascinating country!





I graduated two years ago from a French business school and I oriented my career towards the travel industry; first in London and later in Paris. I had the great opportunity to travel the world with my family from very young. Once the majority, I quickly took my backpack and went on several road trips across the 5 continents. My various trips in South America and my passion for this continent quickly led me to take a new adventure in La Paz, since early 2015. I travelled across Bolivia from the Amazon to the Altiplano, going through the Royal Cordillera, the Titicaca Lake and the colonial cities. I invite you to share my passion for this beautiful country with its diverse and impressive landscapes and its very rich culture!




After being graduated in Art, my strong desire to travel and discover the world encouraged me to leave home. As photographer, touristic guide, translator or travel designer, I always wanted to discover, dedicate myself into something, enjoy and share it. Why did I choose Bolivia? This wonderful country, as they say here, is like a perpetual life theater, where you are enrolled “si o si”.





Originally from the French Basque Country, my dream has always been to travel the world and discover new cultures. After my graduation I decided to head to Asia for work. I had the opportunity to meet local people and share with them the secrets of our different cultures. After living in Southeast Asia and India, I decided to continue exploring but this time in South America. Nothing better than the colorful Bolivia which offers a variety of wonderful landscapes, from its dense Amazon jungle to its Andean peaks. Feel free to contact me, I will share with you my love of discovering new cultures, building with you the trip of a lifetime!




Native to the city of Cochabamba, the gastronomic capital of Bolivia, I am passionate about my country. I am being part of the Terra Bolivia team for 8 years now. Over the years, I didn’t hesitate to embark on new adventures such as Peking Express in 2006 and Rendez-vous en Terres Inconnues in 2010 where I supported the production work logistically during filming in Bolivia and Peru. Expert in problem solving, I will be responsible for the success of your trip in Bolivia!





With more than 7 years’ experience in the hospitality and tourism sector, I naturally expatriate abroad. After traveling all around South America, I settle down in La Paz since 11 years now. In fact, I literally felt in love with this beautiful and amazing country (and with a Bolivian girl!). Culinary expert, do not hesitate to ask me for the best restaurants in town!




Very athletic, the Cordillera Real has no more secrets for me! As trekking guide I am working in Terra Bolivia since 6 years now, taking care of all the logistics of your treks. Real “paceño” I’ve been born and raised in Bolivia but I also lived in Brazil. In addition to Spanish, I speak Portuguese and am currently learning French at the French Alliance. If while traveling you are lucky to have me as guide, I'll show you my beautiful country!





My name is Rodrigo but you can call me Rodri. I started working in Terra Bolivia when I was 15 so I am the dean of the team. Currently in charge of logistics, I grew up day by day with the Terra family. If you have the opportunity to come by the agency during your trip in my beautiful country, I will prepare you my secret magic potion made from Bolivian medicinal plants!


Terra Andina Bolivia Team


Our office in La Paz

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