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Sucre and surroundings 3 days
- Imperial cities  5 days
- Sucre adventure 1 to 3 days

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Potosi and Sucre

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Potosi and Sucre

Potosí, Sucre and Tarabuco:  three names which evoke the rich colonial past of Bolivia.  Three cities with a different destiny.  Potosí, described as the most populated city on earth at the peak of its magnificence, when the guts of the "Cerro Rico" were extracted from its interior, supplied the money that fed European capitalism from the sixteenth century onward.  Today, the work in the underground corridors continues as before.  Dive in, enter a world loaded with the traditions of the miners, and come to appreciate their strange relationship with the coca leaf and the "Tio", (the figure that reigns in the underground world).  Sucre, the first capital of Bolivia, resembles today a quiet provincial capital.  Its architectural wealth is unequalled.  Here, no skyscrapers disturb the harmony of the stone bleached by the sun, or the skilful terracing of the red roofs and the clear understated silhouettes of the numerous steeples of the city.  Sixty-five km from Sucre, the village of Tarabuco was founded to check the forays of the Chiriguanos Indians coming from the south.  It is today known for its hand-craft market, one of the most traditional markets of the continent, and for the inhabitants who have kept their dress and the special traits of their ethnicity: fine features and tall stature, intact. 

Note: the market of Tarabuco only takes place on Sundays.

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