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Santa Cruz

Guembé Park, Santa Cruz Sculptures, Santa Cruz Menor de San Loreno Basilica, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz de la Sierra has become, in a 20-year span, the development center of Bolivia. A unique example of urbanization in Latin America, the city is constructed around seven concentric rings (anillos) according to which the different neighborhoods are organized around the city center, the “Casco Viejo”. Santa Cruz is the entryway to the other Bolivia - a different Bolivia, complementary to the one of the Andes and the valleys. And it is true that here the traditions are quite different. The “Cambas” (the inhabitants of Santa Cruz) are open, like partying and with their jolly character seem at the opposite side of the spectrum from the seemingly harsher closeness of the “Kollas” (the inhabitants of the Andes in general). Located a hundred kilometers to the West of Santa Cruz, the surprising fortress of Samaipata marks the limit between the Cordillera and the Amazon.