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Coroico - Guanay - Rurrenabaque

Coroico - Guanay - Rurrenabaque

This adventure very special circuit begins in the Andes, at 4700 meters above sea level. At a place called “Cumbre”; we start our mad descent into the Amazon Basin.

The first stage of our journey takes us to Coroico, the “Pearl of the Yungas”, via the well-known and spectacular “Death Road”. The mountain bike descent gives us the opportunity to really enjoy some of the most breathtaking Bolivian landscapes.

We take time to fully enjoy the charms of Coroico, before following our descent, this time in a 4WD vehicle to Guanay, a gold digger village. The forest thickens; we are now 4000 meters lower than where we started !

We then embark on our pirogue for three exceptional days: the descent of Río Beni, crossing from one end to the other Madidi Park and Pilón Lajas, true sanctuaries of a Nature still untouched.



  • Day 1: La Paz - Coroico
  • Day 2: Coroico
  • Day 3: Coroico - Guanay
  • Day 4: Guanay - Kaka River
  • Day 5: Kaka River
  • Day 6: Rurrenabaque
  • Day 7: Rurrenabaque - La Paz


Day 1: La Paz - Coroico

We will meet at 6:30 a.m. at the Madness agency's office (our provider), where our exciting mountain bike tour on the famous death road will begin. A vehicule will bring us to the Cumbre Pass (el. 4750 m.a.s.l. – 1h), in the Royal Cordillera. Here begins our thrilling mountain bike descent!
On the way down this winding road, the scenery becomes greener, the air more humid, the wind warmer...
Some 100 km lower (more than 3500 meters of elevation loss) is the Amazon Basin ! Welcome to this incredible intermediate region called the Yungas.
A final 7-kilometer steep ascent (650 m of elevation gain) leads us to the village of Coroico, the paradise of the Yungas region (posible to do this last part in the vehicle). Lunch at the village and posibility to refresh in the swiming pool.
Return to La Paz at the end of the day.
Note: the descent is done in groups with English-speaking guide.

Night at the Viejo Molino hotel****.
Included : lunch (no drinks), english speaking guide, private transport, room & breakfast

Day 2: Coroico

No technical difficulty, minimum age 10 years old. Bring a pair of sneakers and a swimsuit.
In the morning, a private vehicle will take us to the Rio Vagante river for the canyoning tour (4-5 hours). We will discover a pristine nature where the wildlife is abundant and the vegetation is luxuriant. A vehicle will pick us up in Santa Barbara to return to the hotel in the middle of the afternoon.
Free end of day.
Dinner is free.

Night at the Viejo Molino hotel****.
Included : lunch (no drinks), private transport, local spanish-speaking guide, room & breakfast

Day 3: Coroico - Guanay

Transfer Coroico-Guanay.

Night at the Los Pinos hotel.
Included : private transport, room & breakfast

Day 4: Guanay - Kaka River


Board on a motorized pirogue for a fantastic three-day crossing of the primary forest. We will follow the course of one of the biggest Amazonian rivers of Bolivia, between the last « serranías », small mountain ranges up to a few hundred meters in height, the last trace of the Cordillera. We will everyday enjoy a short hike into the forest, to swim in one of the many crystal clear waterfalls and to meet some indigenous communities. We will discover the abundant flora and the exuberant fauna of the Amazon: Capybaras, monkeys, birds by thousands… a real contact with the nature.

All included. Bivouac (possibility of shelter under thatched roofs in case of rain).

Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), local spanish-speaking guide

Day 5: Kaka River

The river is now enlarged by the waters of the Río La Paz, which made its way around the Illmani mountain range before dropping into the Amazon Basin. On the right side, we will find the Biospheric reserve of Pilón Lajas, and the High Madidi National Park on the right side. We will be at the heart of a still virgin and preserved nature; one of the most precious treasures on our planet.
Bivouac (in case it rains, we will spend the night under a thatched roof).
Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), private transport, local spanish-speaking guide

Day 6: Rurrenabaque

Continuing the river descent, we will pass the canyon of Beo (last gorge and last “serranía” of our trip) before entering in the Madidi National Park and arriving to Rurrenabaque at the end of the day. Further, the forest spread endlessly to well inside brazil. We will continue the descent with opportunities to taste the fishes we will catch on the way.

Dinner not included.

Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), private transport, local spanish-speaking guide

Day 7: Rurrenabaque - La Paz

Domestic flight Rurrenabaque - La Paz.
A private driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your hotel.
Included : domestic flight, transfer arrival, english speaking guide

Hotel Viejo Molino   Coroico

Level : 3*
Included : room & breakfast

The Viejo Molino Hotel is located a 1km from Coroico on Santa Barbara road. The Hotel is surrounded by the nature and very quiet. This is one of the best hotels in Coroico, because of its service and quality.

Hotel Los Pinos   Guanay

Level : 1*
Included : room & breakfast

Option : Accomodation of the guide who speaks your language

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