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CORDILLERA REAL - SOUTH - Trek – from the Condoriri range to the Yungas
CORDILLERA REAL - SOUTH - Trek – from the Condoriri range to the Yungas : base camp
CORDILLERA REAL - SOUTH - Trek – from the Condoriri range to the Yungas : Laguna congelada
CORDILLERA REAL - SOUTH - Trek – from the Condoriri range to the Yungas : Totora on titicaca lake
CORDILLERA REAL - SOUTH - Trek – from the Condoriri range to the Yungas : Incas road of the Choro trek
CORDILLERA REAL - SOUTH - Trek – from the Condoriri range to the Yungas
CORDILLERA REAL - SOUTH - Trek – from the Condoriri range to the Yungas : Trek  Choro


Trek – from the Condoriri range to the Yungas

Trekking 14 days March to November Private Spanish or English speaking
Along the way…

After a necessary acclimatization at Lake Titicaca, we begin our trek in the Condoriri mountain range, in the center of the Cordillera Real, barrier dividing the Altiplano from the Amazon Basin.
An eight-day trek takes us from the South of the Cordillera to Huayna Potosí, before entering the tropical vegetation of the Yungas, by following the well-preserved paved Inca trail of the Choro.

CCORDILLERA REAL - SOUTH - Trek – from the Condoriri range to the Yungas

Airport pick up (flight number and arrival time to be confirmed) and transfer to the hotel. Rest of the day open.
Lunch and dinner open.


Departure from the hotel at 8:30 a.m. in our private vehicle, to discover the most spectacular viewpoint over the city, unbelievably located in the “pit” of the Choqueyapu river canyon, with the Royal Mountain Range “Giants” as the background: Huayna Potosi, Mururata and Illimani.
This tour, particularly designed for photo lovers, first takes us to the K´Illi K´Illi Mirador and to the Laykakota Park, on the Northwestern side of the city. Afterwards, we cross the Americas Bridge to go to the “Plaza de España” Mirador, in the colonial neighborhood of Sopocachi. From there, an abrupt descent leads us to the “South Zone”, passing through Llojeta and the “Garden Cemetery”, and finally to the Valley of the Moon, a place where we will be able to walk between psychedelic looking sandstone formations.
Return downtown in the afternoon.
Lunch and dinner open.


Departure from the hotel at 7:30 a.m. with a private 4WD. We skirt Lake Titicaca and the Cordillera Real before descending towards Copacabana (around 3h30). From there a motorboat takes us to the Northern extremity of the Isla del Sol (island of the Sun), a 3-hour trip.
From the ruins, we start the trek following the crest of the island until we reach the village of Yumani in the South (a 3 to 4-hour hike).
Cold lunch. All included. Night at Maria and Ismaël’s house (Basic comfort).
Note: During the following 2 days a boat will be at our disposal to transport the group as well as the backpacks during the walks.
Hiking time: 5h; Elevation gain: +250m / -250m


In the morning, we climb to the ruins of Chicana (“the labyrinth” in Aymara) and the sacred rock of the Puma, from where God Viracocha created his son Manco Capac, the first Inca. A very nice hike following the crest takes us to the village of Yumani at the Southern point of the island. We then go down the 500 steps of a stone staircase to the pier of the “Fuente del Inca”. A short hop by boat takes us to temple Pilkokaina, built by the Inca Tupac Yupanqui for his pilgrimages on the Isla del Sol. Our boat then takes us back to Copacabana (1-hour crossing), where our vehicle awaits us to take us back to La Paz.
Cold lunch. Dinner open. Hotel.
Hiking time 3-4h ; Elevation gain: +450m / -450m

Day 5: LA PAZ – LAGUNA TUNI – LAGUNA JURIKHOTA (el. 4700 m.a.s.l.)

ifficulty: 4 to 6-hour hike a day. Good physical condition required.
Departure from La Paz at 8 a.m. in our private vehicle for the village of Tuni, starting point of our trek (3h trip)
After skirting the lake of the same name, we go over a pass at 4900 m. altitude, before descending to Laguna Juri Khota (4-hour walk). From there we have a very beautiful view of the “Cabeza del Condor”, or the Head of the Condor also known as El Condoriri, dominating the scenery (el.5648 m.a.s.l.). It forms, with the two adjacent summits, the Condoriri range, in the shape of a condor with tucked wings.
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Ascent time: 4h; Elevation gain: +400m / -200m


From Laguna Jurikhota we begin by ascending up a steep slope to reach Laguna Congelada, (two glaciers literally fall into its icy waters), a jewel nested at an altitude of 4900 meters at the foot of El Condoriri (el. 5650 m.a.s.l.).
From there we keep climbing to a second pass (Paso Austria, 5200 m.a.s.l.) before descending on the other side towards El Condoriri and El Pequeño Alpamayo base camp, at the edge of Laguna Chiarkhota (el. 4670 m.a.s.l.).
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 6h; Elevation gain: +460m / -490m


We cross two successive passes (Jallayko el. 5025 m.a.s.l. / Jistaña el. 4930 m.a.s.l.) before undertaking the long descent that will take us to Laguna Liviñosa (el. 4270 m.a.s.l.). From there we will see the imposing Huayna Potosí (el. 6088 m.a.s.l.), dominating the valley where we will enjoy a well-deserved rest.
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking: 4h; Elevation gain: +400m / -800m


We continue our descent into deeper and narrower valleys. The vegetation becomes denser and the air warmer. We finally arrive to the village of Botijlaca (3600 m.a.s.l.) and its temperate climate (2h). An ascent of 3 to 4 hours on the slopes of Tikimani (el. 5519 m.a.s.l.), a pass at 4600 m.a.s.l. and a final 3 hours descend leads us to Uma Palca (el. 3800 m.a.s.l.).
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 7h; Elevation gain: +800m / -1300

Day 9: UMA PALKA – ZANJA PAMPA (el. 3850 m.a.s.l.)

During about 2 hours we ascend on the slopes of Cerro Matilde (el. 5000 m.a.s.l.) to reach the altitude that will take us to Laguna Chiar Khota (el. 4550 m.a.s.l.).
We then descend (2h30 / 3h) towards Zanja Pampa to set up our bivouac.
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 6h; Elevation gain: +800m / -750m

Day 10: ZANJA PAMPA – CHUKURA – CHORO (el. 2700 m.a.s.l.)

The trek continues, on the mountain slopes for about 1-hour before reaching Laguna Khota Kuchu. We then descend towards the hamlet of Chukura (2½-hour) where we meet the itinerary of the Choro trek. We now follow the magnificent paved Inca trail towards the village of Challapampa (about 1½-hour) and then to the village of Choro. We leave behind the Andean landscape. The vegetation is now sub-tropical. The environment change as we loose altitude: luxuriant vegetation, heat and humidity replace the harsh climate of the higher ground.
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 7h; Elevation gain: +200m / -1500m

Day 11: CHORO – SANDILLANI (el. 2000 m.a.s.l.)

We cross the hanging bridge over the Chucura River. A succession of slight uphills and downhills takes us to the village of San Francisco (3 to 4-hour). We cross the Coscapa River and start up Devil’s Hill to reach the village of Sandillani at the end of the day (el. 2000 ma.s.l.)
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 7h; Elevation gain: +800m / -1400m

Day 12: SANDILLANI - CHAIRO (el. 1300 m.a.s.l.)– COROICO

Departure from the village of Sandillani for the steep descent. After a few hours walk, we finish the trek in Chairo (el. 1300 m.a.s.l.), where a 4WD awaits us to take us to Coroico, the pearl of the Yungas, for a well-deserved rest.
Cold lunch. Dinner open (restaurant El Cafetal recommended). hotel / swimming pool.
Hiking time: 2h; Elevation gain: + 0 m /  -700m


Morning open with the options to rest by the pool or walk around the village. Lush vegetation, waterfalls and icy rivers surround us.
After lunch, return to La Paz (4h).
Lunch and dinner open.


Pick up at our hotel in a private vehicle, 3 hours prior to flight departure time, for transfer to airport / international flight number and time to be confirmed.


Limit the weight of your bag to 30lb per person during the trek


- 2 persons: US$ 1510 per person
- 3 persons: US$ 1270 per person
- 4/5 persons: US$ 1150 per person
- 6/7 persons: US$ 985 per person
- 8/11 persons: US$ 920 per person
- 12/+ persons: US$ 865 per person

- We sell all available trips, tours, and services in Bolivia, this proposal is an example of what can be done. It can be modified in terms of length, contents, options, hotel categories, amount of services offered ...
- Please let us know where you would like to visit and what you would like to do. A professional travel advisor will contact you in order to build with you a taylor made program which suits your desires.
- We wish to offer you high-quality, individualized attention before and during your trip to guarantee a problem free vacation.


Above mentionned prices include:
LA PAZ: Naira***
YUMANI: Puerta del sol
COROICO: Cafetal **

Single room additional cost US$ 105 pr person

4/5 star hotels additional cost US$ 170 per person (US$ 350 for single room):
LA PAZ: Plaza****
YUMANI: Ecologe La Estancia****
COROICO: Viejo Molino ****


- Trekking guide
- Cook for groups of more than 4 people (for groups smaller than 4, the guide will be the cook)
- Collective equipment for trekking and mountaineering (tents, cooking gear, ropes, etc…)
- Portage of luggage (high altitude porters/ mules / llamas)
- Spanish speaking guide in La Paz and Lake Titicaca
- Entrance to parks and cultural places mentioned in program
- Private transport
- Spanish speaking driver
- 2/3-star hotels in twin room including breakfast
- Night with local hosts
- Meals mentioned

Not included

- Individual equipment (we can provide a sleeping pad)
- Mandatory travel insurance
- Alcoholic drinks
- Tips
- Open meals mentioned, (from $ 3 to $ 8 US per person / meal).

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