Touristics tours in Bolivia with Terra Andina

Coca route 3 days
- Coca route 4 days
- Yunga crossing 5 days
- Trans-Yungas mountain bike 3/5 days
- Trans-Yungas adventure 14 days

Descent on foot on Inca trails
  - Takesi 2/3 days
- Choro 4 days
- Yunga Cruz 6/7 days
More information
  - Traditional crop and insights into the production of the coca leaf
- The coca legend
Area of Yungas in Bolivia : ruta de la Muerte

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The Yungas

The Yungas region in Bolivia, is a kind of paradise on earth that is very hard to leave. As one comes down from the highlands to the Yungas, the rocky landscape gives way to colorful flora, to new smells and waterfalls that seem to fall from the sky.  Further on, the vegetation thickens, until it becomes virgin rainforest.  The valley soil is very fertile and abundant.  Generous crops of fruit and vegetables, which supply the cities of the highland region, are cultivated here.  Melons, mangos, papayas, bananas, and coffee are in abundance, among of the parrots and monkeys. 

And the Coca, of course, a traditional part of this culture.  In the heart of the valleys, the magnificent towns of Coroico and Chulumani gently welcome the traveler into their stupor. These towns are modest colonial antiquities lost among the fruit trees and the fragrant jasmine, a perfect stop into an idyllic setting where mosquitoes hardly exist.  The Yungas offer many possibilities: 4WD discovery trips, hiking, unprecedented mountain bike crossings, white water rafting, or simply lazing around at great heights.

Carte des yungas

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