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Apolobamba trek, land of the famous Kallawayas

This seven-day trek takes us from the North of the Cordillera to the Apolobamba mountain range, Land of the Kallawaya Healers. They are believed to represent the last ethnic trace of the Tiwanaku lords, still speaking their ancient language, the Pukina.
For enthusiasts of wild encounters and lovers of wide-open spaces !

7 Days




La Paz - Pelechuco

We leave at 7 am towards the Cordillera Apolobamba, sacred land of Kallawayas healers. We start by crossing the Altiplano from which a spectacular view of the snowy peaks of the Cordillera and the blue vastness of Lake Titicaca awaits. After lunch on the lake shore, we resume our route to the Cordillera de Muñecas, where the Puna of Lake Titicaca semi moist gives way to typical rocky desert terrain and high altitudes. We arrive in the Cordillera Apolobamba, go through the villlage of Charazani, and get to where we spend Pelechuco al night, after a long day's drive.

Night in hostel. Lunch and dinner included. 10-11 hours drive.


Pelechuco - Hillo hillo

After breakfast, we start our hiking towards the Keansani pass (4,800 meters). We go through different ecological levels and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the Cordillera. We begin our descent to the Palca River where we stop for lunch. Then we continue our way towards the Palca camp near the village of Xinlong hillo, where we spend the night.
Duration: 6-7 hours (elevation: +1100; -1200)


Hillo hillo - Sunchulli

We start our day through the villages of Hillo hillo and Piedra Grande, small communities with traditional houses made of stone and straw. Then we start a climb to the highest point of our trek, the Sunchulli Pass (5100 meters) where we enjoy impressive views of the Sunchulli peaks Huayna Sunchulli and Cuchillo. We end our day with a descent of an hour and a half to our camp where we spend the night.
Duration: 7 hours (elevation: +1500; - 300)


Sunchulli - Incacancha

We start our third day through the Sunchulli mining village until Viscachani Pass (4800 meters) where we stop lunch a little lower. We resume our journey and arrive on the summit of Quellwaqota, from which begin our descent to the river Inca Cancha. We go through and reach the camp where we spend the night.
Duration: 6-7 hours (difference: -800)


Incacancha - Cañizaya

We start walking to the neck Kollawo (4782m) where we meet a Apacheta, a sacred site consists of a pyramid-shaped stone of agglomeration, usually located on the highest points of the Cordillera. We add ourselves a stone mound in this small sign of respect. We resume our journey and arrive 3 hours later the village of Cañizaya. This village is considered the capital of the Kallawaya culture. It is located on the top of a small mountain. From this village, we can enjoy breathtaking views of the valley, rivers, snow-capped peaks, agricultural terraces and especially the Akamani Peak (5600 meters) which is nicknamed the Queen of Apolobamba. We spend the night in a hostel.
Duration: 7 hours (altitude: 800 - 900)


Cañizaya - Curva

Today a member of the Kallawaya community takes us with him to share a moment of life with his family and culture. After an hour of walking through the Cañizaya Valley, dominated by Akamani we come to his house, where his family is waiting. Music, traditional songs, ritual, technology spinning, weaving handicrafts and explanation of the uses of medicinal plants enchant our morning. For lunch, we share a "Apthapi" or traditional picnic, as is the Andean custom when receiving guests. After discovering this rich and healthy cuisine, featuring fresh, local produce, we resume our way through the beautiful valley Cañizaya towards Curva, the capital of the Kallawaya culture. On arrival we are greeted by a traditional healer to visit the Kallawaya only hospital in the world, combining modern and traditional medicine and having a collection of more than 200 healing plants.

4-5 hours walk Night in hostel, all inclusive.


Curva - La Paz

Departure to La Paz (7 hours)