Adventure stories from our Bolivian team

Terra Bolivia embodies the greatness of human adventure. Our “raison d'être” is to enrich every day through travel with our guides, our drivers, our travelers, and to experience together the odd, the unexpected, and the profound. We share our adventure travelogues, our immersive stories, and we are constantly transformed, enriched, and realigned by our passions and by our experiences with our travelers.

We invite you to listen to our stories, and through these stories to discover another Bolivia: one that is more human, more local, and uncompromisingly authentic. Soak up the facets of Bolivian culture, customs, and gastronomy. Let yourself be carried away by tales of our escapades, adventures and misadventures. With our experience of all corners of this country, we share our knowledge and our advice about how to live differently on your trip to Bolivia.