Why do we travel, do you know?
Terra group

We at Terra have asked ourselves this question. What is the meaning of travel? Especially at this time when we are limited, we can ask ourselves what it brings us and why we want to leave again?

For us travel is authenticity, sharing, the search for emotions and discovery.

We travel simply, in a true, sincere and committed way. We believe in the virtues of travel, a quest for truth, a witness of our time. We do not seek to stage our experiences, we simply value the true moments of everyday life and cultures. An authentic trip is a trip that resembles us, that we are proud of, that we love. It's taking you to sleep at Doña Esperanza's house on the island of the moon on Lake Titicaca because we love its calm and serenity (and our host's vegetable fritters!) to spend our weekends there.

"If I am not I, who will be?” Henry David Thoreau

During our travels we meet new people. We go to meet others, our fellow travelers and ourselves. It is through these moments of sharing that we live our true experiences. Because if we think about it, it is these moments of meeting and exchange (even if we don't speak the same language), these anecdotes of compañeros de viaje more or less relatable (we all have them!) that make our travel memories, right?

We also go in search of emotions, in search of heightened sensations that take us out of our daily lives, and make us live experiences in an amplified and authentic way. We talk about great adventures, but also about all those little moments of unexpectedness, of discovery, which are simply part of the journey and make us live it and feel it all the more intensely.

And then, according to us, if we travel it is to discover, otherwise we stay at home.

Beyond these values, what are our motivations for traveling? And what are yours most of all? There are many reasons to travel, and we don't always know exactly what they are. We thought that if you could answer this question, and we will help you! we would be able to accompany you even better for an authentic trip, of sharing, emotions and discoveries, tailor-made, just for you.

So we present you the travel compass of your trip. By answering this test, we propose to discover your motivations for the trip and your sensory profile which indicates the way you perceive the world, and therefore the way we will make you live Bolivia.

It's a very simple test, I promise, it looks a bit like a test you find in magazines... So, are you ready? It's here: your travel compass.

Have a good discovery, and we'll call you afterwards to build your trip (tailor-made, just for you as promised).

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