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La Paz

La Paz department is the department with the largest geographical diversity in Bolivia. The culture of La Paz department is marked by the Western world’s customs and the ancestral values of Aymara and Quechua peoples. The department has the Altiplano area, located at 3600 meters altitude above the sea level, the most popular sights of which are Titicaca Lake with its islands such as the Islands of the Sun and Moon.  and Tiwanaku (ruins – 1200 AC).


The department also includes the Yungas region that goes down from the Cordillera, a magnificent region full of valleys and tropical lowlands. This descent can be done by foot through the paths of the Inca (El Choro, el Takesi, etc.).


North of the department, there is the Amazon that is characterized by lush vegetation. Among the most attractive sites, we can find Rurrenabaque and Madidi National Park, which is characterized by a large biodiversity of fauna and flora.