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With its particular geography, Bolivia is ideal to meet the challenges you have imposed. Between ascents of summits and volcanoes with more than 6000m, the adventure and the surpassing of oneself is with the rendezvous! Here, the inaccessible summits are nearby, a few hours of track of the capital. This is what makes La Paz, the ideal base camp for altitude treks or mythical climbs.

The Cordillera Royale is like a rosary where the « 6000 » are linked together; a 150 km barrier from Sorata to La Paz, separating the desolate expanse of the Altiplano and Lake Titicaca from the Amazon Basin, into which the waters of glacial melt flow.

More than eight years on the trail allow us today to offer these unusual circuits: in unexplored mountains, far from any presence, the most secret corners of the two Cordilleras (west and central) are available to you.

Bolivia has 13 peaks over 6000 m in its territory, spread between the south and the north and spread over 2 cordilleras.

Chaupi Orco: 6044 m north of Lake Titicaca in the Eastern Cordillera here called « Apolobamba »
Illampu: 6368 m north of Lake Titicaca in the Eastern Cordillera. Ancohuma: 6427 m located not far from Illampu
Chearoco: 6127 m, neighbor and a little further north than the Chachacomani in the Eastern Cordillera
Chachacomani: 6074 m not far from La Paz in the eastern cordillera
Huayna Potosi: 6088 m, east of Lake Titicaca in the Eastern Cordillera. This summit is one of the most popular, not presenting great technical difficulty. Huayna Potosi overlooks the city of El Alto
Illimani: 6480 m, the highest peak of the Eastern Cordillera. It overlooks the city of La Paz
Sajama or Nevada Sajama: 6542 m, ancient volcano, highest peak of Bolivia located in the western cordillera not far from the border with Chile
Pomerapi: 6.240 m, ancient volcano, in the western cordillera on the border of Chile. Twin Parinacota and close to the Sajama
Parinacota: 6348 m, ancient volcano. Twin Pomerapi and close to the Sajama
Acotango: 6052 m, ancient volcano, in the western cordillera on the border with Chile
Uturuncu: 6008 m, ancient volcano. It is said to be the 6000 easiest in the world (a motorized track arrives up to 5750 m)
Toroni or Sillajguay: 5995 m, former volcano, considered a 6000, located on the border of Chile

Bolivia also has fifty summits over 5000 m, some of which represent unique climbs for mountain lovers: Condoriri, 5850 m; Pequeño Alpamayo, 5370 m.

For experienced and amateur riders in excellent physical condition, but especially eager for large open spaces. A breathtaking experience. For tailor-made itineraries, we put at your disposal experts, do not hesitate to contact us.

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