Travel agency Terra Bolivia : team, values and commitments

We are low-tech travel experimenters

Terra Andina Bolivia is committed to becoming an agent of low-tech travel: sustainable, practical, accessible. Low tech is how we describe practical, sustainable, and accessible products. Such products are the fruit of local economies; circular, short circuits, reparable, recyclable. Philippe Bihouix, a French engineer, is considered to be the spearhead figure of this movement. A complete definition is listed here.

At Terra Bolivia, we have undertaken to extend this concept to services, and to develop "low tech" travel, or lo(w)cal travel. We seek to reduce the eco-impact of our activities, in particular to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions: in our travels, in our offices, in our use of digital technology, in our relationships with our suppliers, employees, clients and in the places we visit.

At the same time, we seek to increase the virtues of our activities: societal utility, social utility, economic utility, utility of our tours.

The topic is complex and in constant evolution: we tend towards the collective, synergies, collaboration, sharing, and we constantly question ourselves. We are actively evolving, and consider that failure is to not attempt the impossible.

This is all part of the adventure we hope to bring you on. We believe it is by exchanging ideas and by opening our eyes to other realities that we can commit ourselves to being a downward pressing foot on the energy transition’s gas pedal.

Here you will find our commitments and what we want to share with you, before your arrival, and throughout your trip.

What kind of trips do we offer?

voyage durable
Environmentally sustainable trips, with a reduced carbon footprint.
By eliminating domestic flights, by traveling in more concentrated geographical areas to reduce transportation and promote local and shared transportation, by proposing accommodation with low water and electricity consumption. By promoting local food and highlighting local culinary arts.
voyage utile
Meaningful and practical trips, initiating the discovery of the Other and of the Elsewhere
By rethinking the intention of our trips, by prioritizing the local people, and their cultures. By working with local experts, guides, drivers, hoteliers, muleteers, cooks: experts of their territory and of their region, by promoting local initiatives.
voyage apprentissage
Trips based upon experience and learning
By encouraging knowledge sharing, storytelling, local knowledge : the geology and the natural might of Bolivia, the know-how and the culture of local communities, the richness of the Amazon’s nature and in that of the Cordillera Real…
voyage accessible
Accessible trips anchored in the territories, designed and prepared in collaboration with locals
By adapting the pace of the trip to mirror the rhythm of local life, by respecting local realities (seasonality, customs), by staying with local people or in community accommodations, by offering fair prices for buyer, seller and partners. By moving away from mass tourism by exploring alternative routes and novel itineraries so as not to create dependence on the tourist experience, but to retain, through engagement in local activities, a sense of individualism. By working with our partners to realize a sustainable approach.

What are our commitments to the ecological transition?

We aspire to digital sobriety

After transportation, food and housing, digital technology is one of the largest emitters of CO2 and one of the greatest consumers of energy. We have changed our habits towards conscious use of digital tools, in order to minimize the impact of these tools on the climate.

We communicate efficiently

We are developing a thoughtful and responsible communication strategy by developing a lighter website, by dropping our dependence on paid links and mass advertising (SEA, Adwords).

We are experimenters of low-tech travel

We are constantly training ourselves: our teams, our partners, guides, drivers, associates in the ecological transition. We are preparing for the future by imagining different ways of traveling.

We seek growth that makes sense, to optimize the wealth produced

We establish a new, more wholistic measure of wealth, which is not purely financial (training of stakeholders, awareness of customers and tourism actors).
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