Travel agency Terra Bolivia : team, values and commitments


I’ve already taken a long-haul flight, so I don't see why I shouldn't also take a domestic flight.

While it is difficult to eliminate a flight to get to Bolivia, it is much easier to replace a domestic flight with ground transportation. So why not do it? We believe that every action has an impact, and limiting plane transport - whether long-haul or domestic - is key. Our methodology is to travel less often, but to take longer trips conducive to enjoying the richness that travel brings.

Bus trips are long and uncomfortable.

Yes, trips by bus can be long, but when you think about it, travelling by plane requires more time for logistics: travelling to the airport, waiting at the airport, transferring to a hotel, and staying overnight at the hotel. On the contrary, a night bus, such as that between La Paz and Uyuni, limits lost time and when you arrive in the early morning, you are ready to take on your excursion.

That being said, don't worry, the buses Terra Bolivia contracts are nothing like buses in Europe. We choose the best bus companies, with seats that recline to 180 degrees, and with ample leg room. The seats are soft and comfortable, even more so than those in a plane!

Furthermore, taking the bus has many advantages. It allows you to see the country, and to be more immersed in the local culture because in Bolivia, it is the privileged means of transport. Finally, buses pollutes 5 times less than planes, and are much cheaper.

Are you convinced?

Bus terminals and roads are not always safe.

Safety is and will always remain a priority for your trip. In the bus terminals, we arrange for a guide to accompany you and to make sure everything runs smoothly. We choose the best transport companies, who are professional and respect all necessary security measures. We offer public ground transportation only on safe roads.

In following your logic of “responsible” travel, would it not be better for me to avoid travelling altogether when a long-haul flight is involved?

It is true that ideally, all air travel should be limited, however we are convinced of the benefits and of the positive impact of travel on people and societies. So let's travel less but better, what do you say?

Our wish is to facilitate mindful and responsible travel, so that you can discover the beauty of Bolivia while doing so as sustainably as possible:
- by traveling longer, more soberly
- by taking the opportunity to visit neighboring countries
- by giving even more meaning to the trip by organizing encounters, and real, immersive experiences


Homestays are not comfortable.

Indeed, sleeping at a local's house will not be as comfortable as a 4 or 5 star hotel, but comfort comes in many different forms. The goal of staying at a local's house is to experience immersion, a meeting, a shared, authentic moment, and to learn.

We completely understand comfort is an important criterion, and so we can propose alternatives in small hotels or bed-and-breakfasts, which allow for interactions with locals.

There is no Wifi in the proposed accommodations.

This is part of the experience: you will live as the locals do, and be present in the moment. Rest assured this will not be the case during the entire trip. In case of emergency, your driver, guide or host will know how and where to reach us quickly on our emergency phone, available 24/7.

Tours and visits

I want to visit all the must-sees and do as much as possible in the country in a limited amount of time.

For us, maximizing your trip does not mean seeing a maximum of places, but rather living maximal experiences. To really appreciate a region, a country, a place, we recommend you take your time. Our travel vision is to help you discover and experience Bolivian culture and local life by meeting people and taking the time to immerse yourself in a country, leaving room for the unexpected.

This is a different way of traveling, which diverges from mass tourism and from the beaten track.
If like us, you can't stand still, we offer varied activities and discoveries which won’t compromise the pace of the trip, even while spending more time in the same region.

How do 4WD expeditions fit into your mandate for low-emission travel?

We offer unique learning experiences, with real encounters, where our partners are eager to share their region and their lives, and which allow you to see places otherwise inaccessible.

For our 4WD expeditions, we’ve set-up a logistical exchange network. To optimize our transport, we collaborate with remote communities and lodgings to facilitate the transport of people, food and goods in our vehicles.

In concrete terms, how is my tour more responsible?

We have curated responsible service providers for your trip: hotels with less impact on the environment (small structures with responsible energy consumption), responsible drivers and guides, who are trained in and aware of the environment and environmental impact.
We offer shared transportation whenever possible to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as limiting domestic flights.

Your tour is far from mass tourism. We favor slow travel and meeting others, journeys of discovery and learning.

We invite you to read our commitments, that explain how we build and organise our trips.

The budget

Why isn't a homestay cheaper than a traditional hotel trip?

It depends on the type of hotel, but when we stay with a host and in a community we value the their hospitality. And as such, we pay them fairly.
In addition, in some instances a portion of the profits from providing accommodation is distributed within the local communities, to support their development.

Our prices also reflect that some locations are very remote, and therefore costs associated with logistics and supplies must be accounted for.
Lastly, the nature of receiving fewer travelers excludes a homestay host from benefiting from economies of scale, like a traditional hotel does.

Are you still having doubts?

Why don't you have a sustainable label?

We are thinking about it. Maybe that will be our next step. Labels are not everything. Our goal is to have a label that really makes sense.

Our primary goal was first, to learn by ourselves, to train ourselves, and to develop our own concept of responsible travel, which we call low tech travel. We have built our CSR as our commitment as travel designers..

Sustainability is a fad – you are greenwashing

Although being perfect is a process which takes time, we are committed to evolve responsible travel, for real. We want to be as transparent as possible, and that's why we share our story, our approach, and invite you to connect with us. This is how we will move forward.

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