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Lucie Gosnet

General Manager

After several trips in Latin America, big blow of heart for Bolivia which does not stop to surprise me since 7 years. Its landscapes, its traditions, its colors, its mountains, its fauna, its dances ...: Bolivia does not tell itself, it lives itself. Dare the real change of scenery, Bolivia will fascinate you!

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Ask to share moments with local families in the heart of the Cordillera Royal, you will learn a lot of Aymara traditions.

The natural park of Sajama, still unknown to tourists. Unobstructed view of volcanoes and detour to hot springs. 360 ° landscapes!

"La sopa de Mani". Yummy! Peanut soup that will salivate a lot, I'm sure.

The Salar de Uyuni and the Deserts of Lipez: impossible to miss them if you come to Bolivia!

Élise Hédreul

Travel designer

Originally from Jura, my passion for travel leads me to leave these mountains (yet beautiful) to discover new horizons. After a stay in Mexico, I fell in love with the Latin culture, its authenticity, its simplicity, the richness and variety of its landscapes! It is therefore natural that I came to settle in Bolivia, where I find mountains (of another scale) that it is possible to explore infinitely.

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Buy fruits and vegetables at Rodriguez Market in La Paz! It is a place full of life and authenticity with all the "cholitas" that fill the streets and where we constantly discover new varieties of exotic fruits and vegetables.

Share an "apthapi", traditional Andean meal that consists of preparing a large table of local specialties and share them among the guests! A moment of happiness and sharing.

Salteñas, slippers stuffed with vegetables and (if you will) meat. Enjoy it in the morning, juicy and tasty!

The trek of Takesi, in 2 or 3 days, allows to discover landscapes as varied as magnificent. From 4000 meters with desert landscapes of high mountains, to the tropical valley with lush vegetation and tropical climate!

Marc Davis

Bookings & Operations coordinator

The encounters, a will to try to understand the other: his passions and his culture in particular have always been driving forces in my life. This exchange is probably what interests me the most here on earth: a form of emotional quest... As Gabin said: ""this land where I started to have taken the 100 steps, I still don't know how it turns""... so I still don't know much... but nevertheless there is one thing I think I understood: Human beings, wherever they live are ultimately very close... Everywhere they seek to love, be loved, survive and protect their tribe... the differences are finally in form and it's exciting

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The chapare province for its rainforests. We can go rafting in particular.

The Museo de la Musica de La Paz, held by the great charanguist Ernesto Cavour, member of the Bolivian neo-folk group "Los Jairas". a nest of Andean instruments and rare pearls...

The Pique Macho, Cochabamba’s speciality

The first impression when I arrived in Bolivia. The plane lands around 5am at El Alto airport, half an hour later, I contemplate the sunrise illuminating the city of La Paz and its basin. I already know I will love my stay...

Rodrigo Mendoza

Logistics coordinator

Originally from la Paz la ciudad maravillosa, I have worked at Terra Andina for over 18 years! I am proud of my country, proud to be Bolivian and rejoices every day in its authenticity, the generosity of its people!

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Discover the salt desert in the rainy season, when the salar is covered with water and the sky is reflected.

Los Kjarkas, folk music group, Bolivian.

Pollo sajta and fruit!

The view from the summit of Huayna Potosi, culminating at 6088 meters.

Alice Prevot

Travel designer

I grew up in the Alps, Annecy, I love mountains, adventure, new discoveries, be well surrounded and make beautiful encounters. Sweden, Brussels, Milan, London ... It was after traveling around Europe working and Latin America with my backpack that I found my happiness in Bolivia! Nature, authenticity and unexpected ... That's what makes the charm and magic of the country and Bolivians.

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A typical Saturday: go for a stroll just 45 minutes from La Paz in one of the many trails of the beautiful Valle de Las Animas with its canyons scenery, breathtaking views of the region and the majestic Illimani. Then stop for lunch on the terrace in the South Zone sun on the way back.

The Cordillera Royale, snowy peaks as far as the eye can see, enough to make treks and ascents to infinity.

Menudito, Paceña soup made with meat, vegetables and lots of spices. With a touch of lime, it gives a delicious blend of flavors!

Summits at 6,000m, dozens of volcanoes, canyons, a huge lake, the largest salt desert in the world, the Amazon ... All in one country, never to be bored!

Thomas Coëffet

Travel designer

Originally from Brittany, after working in England, I decided to leave with my 3 best friends for an intercultural project in Cochabamba for 10 months. It is then that I fall in love with Bolivia and by the same occasion of a Paceña. After 4 years as a guide on the road to death, I decided to share my knowledge in tourism on this wonderful country.

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Go to the market of El Alto on Sundays to stroll all day and meet all kinds of things and all kinds of people.

Titicaca Lake with its history (cradle of the Inca culture) and its grandiose landscapes.

The typical Paceño plate dish of La Paz with a spicy sauce to relive a Sunday morning.

The road of death or how to pass from the real mountain range at 4600 meters altitude to arrive 3 hours later in the Yungas region at 1200 meters altitude. Shiver guaranteed by the landscapes and the descent by bike.

Orlando Catalayud

Bookings & Operations

Originally from Cochabamba, the capital of Bolivia's gastronomy, Terra Andina has been with me for more than 10 years, passionate about my country and very proud to make people discover it with its authenticity, its incredible landscapes and guaranteed smiles.

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The little used and unusual tracks of Lipez, between the coloured canyons of Tupiza while passing by San Pablo de Lipez, the little known site of Ciudad Roma and some lagoons: Amarilla, Celeste and Morejon. Wild and authentic landscapes!

Become the most known of Bolivia but for me the icing on the cake : the huge Uyuni Salt Lake !

The Picante surtido is a culinary specialty, based on saice, sajta, aji de lengua, aji de panza, charkekan, it can also wear conejo estirado and torrejas de cebolla.

Oruro's carnival is one of the things to experience at least once in your life...

Grover Tito

Bookings & Operations coordinator

Very sporty, the Cordillera Royale has no more secrets for me! Training trek guide, I take care of all the logistics of your treks and have been part of the Terra Bolivia team for 6 years now. Bolivian by origin, I lived in Brazil and in addition to Spanish, I speak Portuguese and I am currently learning French at the Alliance Française. If during your trip you have the chance to have me as your guide, I will make you discover my beautiful country in its every nook and cranny!

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Climbing in the open air, near La Paz, with many routes accessible at all levels!

The Condoriri, mountain culminating at 5650 meters and between rock and glacier, is the paradise for the amateurs of alpinism.

Charquecan Orureño: made with corn, potatoes, eggs, cheese and dehydrated lama meat!

The sunrise over the Uyuni Salt Lake and the sunset at the top of a mountain!