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Santa Cruz and Amboro Park

Santa Cruz is blessed with a temperate climate and generous people. Visitors are always impressed by the kindness of the people who have kept their traditional way of life alive. There are numerous attractions for visitors in the surrounding areas and in the city itself. The town of Samaipata (« rest from altitude » in Quechua) is located 120 km from Santa Cruz.


This archaeological site, also known as « the fortress », was one of the most advanced positions in the Inca empire and it was used to repel the frequent invasions made by the Guaraní Indians. Amboró Park is a natural reserve of 637.000 hectares. Its plains are full of abundant flora and varied fauna. There are 820 species of classified birds and there are also mammals such as the Andean bear, the jaguar, the puma and diverse species of monkeys many of them unique in the world.


The Jesuit missions are located within a radius of 500 km from Santa Cruz. The region is well-known because this is where the Jesuit missionaries gathered the natives to convert them to Catholicism. The Jesuit missions of the Gran Chiquitanía, also known as the jewels of Baroque architecture, have been nominated by UNESCO for National Heritage listing.