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Titicaca Lake and Copacabana

Lake Titicaca… A name that evokes our childhood dreams, a true symbol of South America. Crossroads of the most ancient of Amerindian civilizations, site of enormous historical significance, Lake Titicaca has fascinated explorers and conquerors alike through the ages.


TheTiticaca is certainly the lake most sacred of andean cluture : from the interior sea was born Tunupa, the god creator of the Aymaras, this millenary culture that had established her « capital » in Tiwanaku.Situated in a truly privileged position, between the mysterious Peru and the dizzying heights of the Royal Cordillera, it takes in the magnificent panorama of these mountain ranges. Observed from the tranquil water of Lake Titicaca, the peaks are genuinely like magnets.


Aligned to each other, they form an extraordinary wall, an uninterrupted continuation of snowy heights reaching more than 6000 metres in altitude. Let yourself be taken to the Island of the Sun, cradle of Inca mythology. It was there that Viracocha created his children: Manko Capac, the first Inca, and his sister, Mama Ollko, who went on to found the capital of the Cuzco empire.


Discover traces of ancient times on the islands: the Temple of Chinkana, the famous Temple of the Sun or the Virgin Temple on the Island of the Moon. Local beliefs here mix with the legends and it is not uncommon to hear of them from a wise person in one of the villages of Kalahuta or Tiquira. In all simplicity, around a fire, in the evening hours, under a star studded sky of crystal purity.