Our trips in Bolivia

A Terra Bolivia trip is meaningful, initiates the discovery of new things and places, shares knowledge, culture and highlights the exchange of experiences. It is also an authentic journey, anchored in geographical space, and prepared locally in collaboration with locals. Lastly, a Terra Bolivia trip is sustainable, prioritizing the lowest possible impact on climate and CO2 emissions.

We offer 7 itineraries, wherein we have focused our efforts on content, practicality and interest, in order to promote Bolivia in a responsible and virtuous way.

Adventure is the love of the unexpected, and of finding joy in the uncertain. It is being blocked by miners' demonstrations for 2 days in Potosi, and ending up alongside them sharing a beer on the side of the road. It is spending a night in a local's house and communicating with a host who speaks only Quechua, when you don't even speak Spanish. It's embarking on a 4WD expedition on the Altiplano without knowing when you'll return, and not knowing whether there will be a hot shower at night. It is leading your own mule through the Andes Cordillera. For some, it is getting up at 5 o'clock in the morning to help the trek's cook prepare doughnuts for the group to share, having fun and realizing this is what adventure is!

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