The Great Southern America:
an epic journey from La Paz to Ushuaïa
Terra Bolivia

  • hotel
    Homestay, Hotel, Hostel, Camping
  • bus
    Shared 4WD
  • voyages
    Bolivia, Chile and, Argentina
  • horloge
    Between 20 and 40 days, Upon consultation

A serendipitous journey along the Andes Cordillera,

from the heart of the Andes to the Tierra del Fuego

The Trans Sur America is our reconciliation with Adventure, that unpredictable lover from whom we’ve been separated by misunderstanding. Having betrayed true adventure for so many years with “adventure trips” which promise chronological and antiseptic experiences, an included/unincluded section and a refund if this promise is not kept, it is time to reconcile. The Trans Sur America is our answer to the predefined itineraries which we believe are the murderers of what lies at the core of true adventure: the unexpected.

Adventure is a promise of the unanticipated, a commitment that we will do everything to ensure that nothing happens as planned. That is not to say preparation and organization have no place, but rather that it is better to be a follower of serendipity, the art of finding that for which you are not looking, of chance encounters, of happy coincidences. Let's go in search of an Elsewhere, of the Other, in search of ourselves.

The Trans Sur America is a promise of adventure;

it is the art of finding that for which we are not looking.

It will be our job to come to terms with the uncertain, as well as all kinds of whims: human, weather, mechanical.

Geographically, this expedition is a long crossing of Latin America, from La Paz to Ushuaia. A journey is a story we tell ourselves, and this one will be shaken up by climatic changes, and imbued with stories of the characters who have shaped the continent. From Magellan to Che Guevara, we are inventing our own great epic and if you’ll have us, would be delighted to take a stretch of the TranSurAmerica road in your company.

We will leave La Paz, Bolivia in a 4WD to follow the Cordillera South to Ushuaïa where, approximately 40 days later, we will celebrate. Just as arrival or reaching the top of a mountain signals a dead end, we will turn around and return northwards, via Argentina, back to our starting point, La Paz.

We are concerned about the environmental crisis and as a result, are mindful of our carbon footprint. This concern was the guiding impetus that led us to develop the concept of low-tech travel: sustainable, practical, accessible. Some people call it “slow travel”, but regardless, it is the concept in which we believe: Travel less often, but longer, better.

Travel should no longer be a product to be consumed but an experience to be lived.

Special and general conditions of the TranSurAmerica

The itinerary and activities will be adapted to the group and to the weather. We will travel in a well-equipped 4WD vehicle, with bivouac (temporary camping) equipment. There will be one guide/driver per 4WD, who will be responsible for his 4 or 5 passengers.

Common tasks and decisions are shared, including setting-up camp, washing up, and shopping. We will sometimes overnight by camping in the wilderness, sometimes by sleeping in hostels or in homestays. We will decide together, according to the group’s preferences.

We know our starting point and our destination: the rest we build together, as team members and contributors to this epic experience.

Travellers can pick-up and drop-off the TranSurAmerica as they please. We register by stage, every week, and we renew as many times as we wish. Our travel companions will therefore vary by each stage. Some will join us along the way, but most will not make the complete trip. Afterall, not everyone has the luxury to take an 80 day trip.

With respect to pricing, we charge for the guide’s salary and expenses, the rental fee and fuel for the 4WD, the camping equipment, Terra Andina Bolivia’s fee and margin. Other expenses incurred are the traveler’s responsibility including hotel and food. If you do the math, you will see the objective of our pricing is not to enrich Terra Andina Bolivia’s owners, but rather to share the experience of an extraordinary trip.

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