Discover Bolivia’s must-sees: we’ve (almost) seen it all!
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Bolivia is many things: the Uyuni Salt Flats, Lake Titicaca, the altitude, the Andes... but it is also a rich pool of diversity with unexpected, multicolored markets, a surprising geography and incredible biodiversity. Bolivia is a place you have to live, to take the time to discover, with all its roots, its Andean culture and its vast territory. The diversity of the Bolivian people, with their indigenous, Inca and Spanish influences, are attached to their traditions, to the Earth - the Pachamama - and to what it has to offer.

Our must-sees are intended to help you discover the rhythm of the Altiplano. We like to stroll around the markets of La Paz, to sail on Lake Titicaca and to immerse ourselves in the Aymara traditions of the Cordillera Real. We delight in diving into the heart of the Earth’s forces with expeditions in the deserts of the South Lipez. We meet with friends Marlene, Céline and Christophe to "live like a local" in the colonial cities of Sucre and Potosi. Above all we like to let ouselves be guided by the moment and to let fate decide the color of our adventures, whether that be harvesting coca leaves in the Yungas, or visiting the wilderness and volcanoes of Sajama.

When we travel, we depart for the unknown and come back changed by the unexpected. We don’t leave, however, without some additional baggage: the awareness of what surrounds us. We make it our mission to tell you about Bolivia as we live it and through our experiences, while your guides share its history. Through our unique mode of traveling, and by taking responsibility towards the environment and society at large we highlight our awareness of the need for transition towards simpler andmore energy-efficient ways of living. The journey, thanks to its encounters and experiences, guides our reflection on what matters most.

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