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Time to hit the road to the heart of the Cordillera, where we will spend two days hosted by the Quispe family. Jaime and Marisol welcome us into their home in Tuni, an Aymara hamlet at 4400m above sea level, inhabited by about ten families.

We allow ourselves to live at the rhythm of the Cordillera, following Vicky to the village school to try our luck at an Aymara language course, the local dialect of the region, and participating in various seasonal tasks in the village: making straw mattresses that will be sold in the area, collecting animal dung for fuel in the houses. The shearing of the llamas is a real test, requiring a little muscle to immobilize the animal. With the spun wool, we will learn how to weave and make the warm clothes that are very appreciated in the mountains.

We assist Denys and Marisol in the kitchen, where the local speciality Huatia is cooked in an oven dug in the ground. Another very typical food is the chuño, a dehydrated potato, whose method of cooking is as interesting as the taste -we would do well to learn the technique.

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