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We set our meeting point at the general cemetery of La Paz early in the morning. Rather than private transport, I recommend taking a public minibus in the direction of Copacabana, on the edges of the lake Titicaca. The journey then takes on another dimension, as the route itself becomes a special excursion. After the traffic jams at the exit of La Paz and El Alto, we make our way on a bumpy road, Andean music in our ears, the smell of chewed coca leaf in our noses. On our left, in clear weather, we see the Sajama, the highest point of Bolivia at 6542 meters of altitude; on our right, the Andes Cordillera. Halfway to our destination, the lake begins to reveal itself.

Arriving at the main square of Copacabana, it’s time for lunch.

Our favorite options are the lake trout with butter, garlic, tomato, or llajwa - a spicy sauce not to be missed in the Andes... or a fresh fish ceviche with tiger milk and sautéed corn. It’s worth it to enjoy the fish, as it’s a delicacy not always available in this landlocked country.

Let's spend the night on the Island of the Sun, the largest of Lake Titicaca. It is also the island that houses the most temples and sacred places, and is ultimately a place of legends that is still very present in the spirit of its inhabitants.

From there we embark on a catamaran built by young people in the local community of Santiago de Huata on the other side of the lake.

We’ll sail across the lake, the peaceful rhythm of the wind leaving us the time to admire the Island of the Moon, the Sun and the mountains of the Cordillera Real beyond. To sail on the mythical lake Titicaca is truly a magical, timeless moment!

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