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Marlene welcomes us and immerses us in her past as a silver mine worker in Potosi, which was a major source of wealth for the European continent. We have lunch at her family's house for a real jump into the daily life of the the Cerro Rico miners.

As in Eduardo Galeano's story "The Open Veins of Latin America", we are immersed in the reality of this city plundered for its wealth. We exchange with the miners and we slip into the tunnels of the Cerro Rico mine itself.

In Sucre, we meet Céline, a French woman who has been living in Bolivia for more than 10 years. She shares with us her daily life and her love for her adopted city, its culture and its history. We start with a traditional cooking class: after traveling to the city's market to buy peanuts, vegetables, meat and other spices, we help to prepare the famous Bolivian Sopa de Mani.

We follow Céline through alleys of white architecture, listening to her stories about the key role of the city in the history of the Bolivian independence movement. Between two monuments, we pass by her artisanal store, a good representation of the bohemian atmosphere of the city.

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