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Looking for wide open spaces at the foot of the volcanoes at the Chilean border?

More adventure lies in the direction of the Sajama National Park, home to 3 imposing volcanoes: the Sajama, the highest peak in Bolivia (6 542m), and the twins, the Parinacota (6 348m) and the Pomerape (6 240m). If luck smiles on us, we meet the only inhabitants of the place: alpacas, vicuñas and ñandus (cousins of the ostrich).

In the company of Marcelo, we explore the park, its geysers and its lagoons. We go to the Laguna Sorapata, a place with a preserved biodiversity.
We will meet giant coots, aquatic birds that build their nests on the lagoon, like large floating platforms made of algae and grass.

At the end of the day we take a break to bathe in the natural hot springs. The air outside is cool with a slight breeze, a typical day in Sajama. Surrounded by the three snowy peaks, there is not a sound, as smoke rises from the surface of the spring’s hot water. We are living one of those rare moments of total exclusivity.

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