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A new stage of our adventure awaits us. We leave for the Great Bolivian South. We continue our trip in a night bus to Uyuni with reclining seats and small snacks- all the comfort of a plane, without the carbon emissions!

From Uyuni, we leave for a five-day 4WD expedition in magical regions unexplored and mysterious. In the middle of this very mineral landscape, we drive along colorful lagoons (such as the Laguna Celeste at the foot of the 6,012-metre-tall Uturuncu volcano) in the Eduardo Avaroa natural reserve, home to vicuñas, vizcachas, ñandús, and pink flamingos. We finish with pure beauty... on the biggest salt desert of the world, el Salar de Uyuni!

My favorite itinerary for this 4WD expedition starts in the Lípez region, where we stroll around the Ciudad del Encanto, a geological formation that looks like a giant sand castle. In the Ciudad de Roma, the natural show of all kinds of geological formations will make us feel very small indeed.

We drive West, in the direction of the Laguna Colorada and the Sol de Mañana geysers, located in a volcanic crater emitting sulfur vapors and hot water jets from 10 to 50 meters high.

We cross the Dali desert (named for the surreal landscapes that recall some of the master's paintings) and reach the Laguna Blanca and the Laguna Verde. We then witness a curious phenomenon: the wind rising and the Laguna Verde taking on a spectacular emerald green shade. We almost touch Chile before going back up to the Siloli desert and its famous "stone tree".

Heading North, we follow the Chilean border along the "jewel road" to marvel at sanctuaries of 3 varieties of pink flamingos: Laguna Honda, Ch'arkota, Hedionda and Cañapa.

Next stop: the world’s biggest salt desert, el Salar de Uyuni! The sensation of standing there is entirely unique, with the limitless horizon inviting a deep silence. We drive on this immense white expanse to reach Incahuasi Island (the cactus island). This surprising island of volcanic origin, lost in the heart of the salar, offers a breathtaking view on the salt flats and the surrounding volcanoes.

An absolute must-do? An aperitif at sunset with a small glass of Bolivian highland wine!

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