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The trail of Inca Trails

This trek is to be classified in the category "Great Treks of the Andes"! We start with a hike on the shores of Lake Titicaca (acclimatization required), before approaching the impressive Illimani (6432 m alt.), One of the Giants of the Cordillera Royal. For 5 days, we will follow the flanks of the massif. We are at the heart of the Aymara legends ...
The second part of the trek follows the Inca way of Yunga Cruz, which leads to the fertile valleys of the Yungas. A descent of 5 days, which will make us discover new ecosystems on each ecological level, to the village of Chulumani (1700 m alt.), Capital of the province of South Yungas and true paradise of butterflies.

14 Days




El Alto Airport - La Paz


La Paz

Our private driver will pick us up in the hotel lobby at 9:00 am for a full-day tour around the best points of view over the city and into the Moon Valley. La Paz, world’s highest capital elected in 2014 as one of the New 7 Wonders Cities, is surrounded by the high picks of the Andes.

From many parts of the city we can admire the white summits of the Cordillera Real and the imposing Illimani, protector of the city. From the K’Illi K’Illi mirador and the Laykakota Park we will enjoy a panoramic view over the capital.

The Montículo, in the bohemian Sopocachi is the classical meeting point of lovers and newlyweds for romantic pictures.

Since 2014 La Paz is proud of its new cable cars. From the sky the panorama over the city and the mountains is unique and we can have a feel of the social gaps while flying over different neighborhoods.

We will then drive to the south, across the rich "Zona Sur" and get out of the city to enter the Moon Valley. Here we can enjoy the quietness and walk amongst the lunar rock formations during an hour.

In the afternoon we will go back to the historical center and wander around its colorful markets.

NOTE: The K’Illi K’Illi mirador and the Laykakota Park are closed on Mondays.


La Paz - Copacabana - Yumani


Copacabana - La Paz - Yumani

We will return to La Paz in private transportation (about 3½-hour).


La Paz - Puente Roto


Puente Roto - Mine Aguila

We follow an old path on the hillsides of the West face of Illimani (summit symbol of La Paz). The glacier is nearby. After a hike of about 6 hours and a pass 5000 meters above sea level, we arrive at our camp, next to the ancient mine of Mina Aguila, at 4400 m.a.s.l.
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 6h; Elevation gain: +450m / -600m


Mine Aguila - Tutural Pampa


Tutural Pampa - Lambate

Difficulty: difficult trek between mountain and jungle. 5 to 7 daily walk. Good physical condition required.
Departure from La Paz at 8 a.m. in our private vehicle. We head towards the village of Tutural Pampa (3h30) located at an altitude of about 4000 meters in the valley separating Mururata and Illimani, two of the giants of the Cordillera. We start our hike on the slopes of Mururata towards a small laguna at 4200 meters of altitude, then, if we want, we can keep going to a second laguna at 4450 meters of altitude; depending on the physical condition of each one.
Descent towards Tutural Pampa and finish on the track leading to the village of Lambate. The precipices are impressive and the atmosphere typically Andean.
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 4h; Elevation gain: +450m / -450m


Lambate - Quirocoma

We meet our team of muleteers at the start of the trek in the village of Lambate. We start the long descent where we loose 1000 meters in elevation, first through the “Chacras” (corn fields) and the different traditional cultivations, to then reach Río Chunga Mayu (el. 2250 m.a.s.l.), before climbing to the quiet and well-preserved hamlet of Quirocoma, our destination of the day. We are able to admire the impressive North-East face of Illimani, very different from the view we get from La Paz.
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 6h; Elevation gain: +290m / -1170m


Quirocoma - Laguna Kasiri

We start early in the morning for the difficult climb we have to accomplish that day (1400 meters of elevation gain!). The trail follows the crests before slowly entering the forest. We leave Río Kasiri below, to which we return a few hours later, just before reaching its spring. We stop in a beautiful grass field to cool ourselves in the crystal clear pools before starting the ascent of an arête where we find a portion of paved pre-Hispanic trail we follow to our camp, on the shores of Laguna Kasiri. We find ourselves in the center of a mountain circ, surrounded by the summits of Cerro Khala Ciudad, in an atmosphere of mystery.
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 8h; Elevation gain: +1410m
Guide who is with you during the trip and speaks your language.


Laguna Kasiri - Solaka

We skirt the lake and continue along our trail to a pass (el. 4180 m.a.s.l.) from where we enjoy an amazing view of the Cordillera and the Yungas, lower valleys between the high plateau and the Amazon Basin. Shortly after, we find ourselves on a well-preserved Inca trail that we follow to the area called Solaka, where we set up camp on the edge of the forest.
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 7h; Elevation gain: +230m / -710m


Solaka - Cerro Duraznuni

After crossing the last stream (and the last water point) of the day, we finally enter the jungle and a thicker vegetation. Vines invading the trail force us to use our machetes. We may encounter on the way a few gold miners gone to try their luck in some of the yet unexplored valleys of the area.
We set up camp on a flat spot with amazing views before arriving at Cerro Duraznuni. In the evening, pay attention as it is not rare to have the visit of a jucumari (small Andean bear).
Cold lunch. All included. Bivouac.
Hiking time: 7h; Elevation gain: -860m


Cerro Duraznuni - Chulumani - La Paz

We travel deeper into the suffocating heat before exiting the jungle and finishing the trek to Estancia Sikilini (el.1850 m.a.s.l.) amongst coffee, coca and citrus plantations. There we meet the dirt road that leads to Chulumani, located on the other side of the valley. We are now surrounded on all sides by coca plantations
After taking our lunch in the “Butterfly Capital”, our private vehicle takes us back to La Paz (4-hour trip).
Cold lunch (included). Dinner open.
Hiking time: 4h; Elevation gain: -870m
Transport Chulumani - La Paz .


La Paz