Terra Bolivia » Salars and Lipez

Salars and Lipez

The end of the world. This deeply remote place is the most southern point of Bolivia, you can reach it after a few days walking through arid landscapes. The only thing that disturbs this quiet environment are the rare volcanic eruptions, every millennium or so.


We find ourselves at the green Lagoon (Laguna Verde), at more than 4000 meters , in the South of Lipez, several days journey from the main city of Bolivia. Before getting to this special place, one must cross the highlands, from the North to the South, and the whole of Bolivia passes in front of us. We then reach Uyuni, the most westerly city,( the only exit to which is entry to Lipez and its wonders).


The Uyuni salt deserts (Salars), an immense rocky area from which emerge islands populated by giant cactuses, proves that even here life can survive. Further south, we truly penetrate the desert of Lipez, where the multicolored lagoons punctuate our journey to the Chilean border. Surrounding these islets of life one meets the true owners of the region: the flamingos, who throw us haughty looks, their feet soaked in the freezing water.